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Storage SCP Service Log Files

Storage SCP Service Log Files

Storage SCP Service Log Files

Service events generated by the Storage SCP Service are recorded in two log files located in the bin/bin.platform/dicomex directory of the IDL installation directory where platform is the platform-specific bin directory. These files are called storscp1.log and storscp2.log. Events are logged to one file until the size limit (250 KB) is reached. The other file is then erased (if needed) and subsequent events are logged there.

These log files include information on four types of events:

  • A start event when the Storage SCP Service is started
  • An association event when an association is negotiated
  • A write event when a file is written to the specified storage directory
  • An error event when a service error occurs

Note: These log files do not contain information from the DICOM Network Services utility. No utility errors or other types of information appear in the Storage SCP Service log files.

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