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Storage SCP Service Permissions

Storage SCP Service Permissions

Storage SCP Service Permissions

You must define a Storage SCP directory to which files are written. The Storage SCP Service requires permissions to:

  • Create, read, write and delete files in the Storage SCP directory
  • Create a depot subdirectory in the Storage SCP directory
  • Create, read, write and delete files in the depot directory
  • Create and write files in the bin/bin.platform/dicomex directory of the IDL installation directory where platform is the platform-specific bin directory.

When a user installs IDL with administrator or root privileges, the required permissions are set on the dicomex directory to allow access to all users. All users can change Storage SCP service configuration parameters. However, on Windows, only users with administrator privileges have the ability to start and stop the Storage SCP service, which is required for changes to take effect.

Note: The Storage SCP service issues a “Failed. Administrator privileges may be needed.” error if a user without administrator privileges tries to start or stop the Storage SCP service.

About the Depot Directory 

The depot directory is used to ensure that the full DICOM file is successfully transferred from a remote machine before it is made available in the defined Storage SCP directory. The depot directory is created when you first retrieve files from a remote machine.

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