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What's New in IDL 8.7.3

What's New in IDL 8.7.3

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New Features


IDL now uses Intel's MKL library to compute matrix multiplications, resulting in a speed increase between 10 and 50 times faster than in previous versions. This change affects the # and ## operators, as well as the functions MATRIX_MULTIPLY and MATRIX_POWER. If you want more control and features on how to compute matrix multiplications, see the new BLAS_GEMM procedure.


The new SOBOLSEQUENCE function generates numbers from the Sobol sequence. A Sobol sequence is a low discrepancy quasi-random sequence. Sobol sequences were designed to fill space in a more uniform manner than completely random sampling. See SOBOLSEQUENCE for details.



Library Updates

Added the Intel® Math Kernel Library (MKL).

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