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Compute the arc distance and azimuth between pairs of points on the sphere
given the longitudes and latitudes of the points. By default coordinates are
assumed to be in degrees.
This program is based on the IDL library function MAP_2POINTS, which is
copyright by ITTVIS.


Mapping, geography.

Calling Sequence

Result = ARC_AZIMUTH_KPB(x0, y0, x1, y1)


x0 : longitudes of the initial points
y0 : latitudes of the initial points
x1 : longitudes of the final points
y1 : latitudes of the final points

Keyword Parameters

RADIANS : If set, inputs and outputs are in radians, otherwise degrees.


arc_dist : great circle arc distances between pairs of points
az : azimuth angles between pairs of points.
Arc distances are angles between 0 to 180 degrees (or 0 to pi if
the RADIANS keyword is set). Azimuth is measured in degrees or
radians east of north.


Distance and azimuth from Boulder to London.
IDL> ARC_AZIMUTH_KPB, -105.19, 40.02, -0.07, 51.30, arc_dist, az
IDL> PRINT, arc_dist, az

Modification History

Kenneth P. Bowman, April 2010. Heavily modified from MAP_2POINTS to vectorize calculations
of arc distance and azimuth between pairs of points. Other capabilities of MAP_2POINTS
are not included in this function.

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