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      This is second most basic object in the CATALYST Object Library. It is a subclassed
      CATCONTAINER object and implements an IDL object hierarchy. All objects in
      the CATALYST Object Library are subclassed from the CATATOM object. Object
      error handling, object reporting and documentation, object messaging, and
      widget event handling are all set up in this object, allowing all objects
      in the CATALYST Object Library to partake in this functionality.


        1645 Sheely Drive 18 The Green South
        Fort Collins Warborough, Oxon
        CO 80526 USA OX10 7DN, ENGLAND
        Phone: 970-221-0438 Phone: +44 (0)1865 858279
        E-mail: davidf@dfanning.com E-mail: davidb@burridgecomputing.co.uk




      atomObject = Obj_New('CATATOM')

Class Structure

  class = { CATATOM, $ ; The CATATOM object class name.
              _controlPanel : OBJ_NEW (), $ ; The control panel for the object.
              _errorLevel : 0B, $ ; The error reporting level.
              _event_method : "", $ ; The name of the event method associated with this object.
              _event_objects : OBJ_NEW (), $ ; The object(s) to whom events for this object are passed.
              _excl_event_object : OBJ_NEW (), $ ; An exclusive event object.
              _messageRecipients : OBJ_NEW (), $ ; A list of objects to be notified of method calls.
              _reportLevel : 0B, $ ; The info reporting level.
              _trash : OBJ_NEW(), $ ; A trash container for destroying other objects.
              _uvalue : PTR_NEW (), $ ; A user value placeholder for the object.
              INHERITS CatContainer, $ ; All objects in the Catalyst Library are containers
              INHERITS IDLitComponent $ ; Inherits the IDLitComponnet class for object properties.

Modification History

      Written by: David Burridge, 13 March 2003.
      Made sure there are no duplicated registrations in RegisterForMessage. DWF. 15 May 2004.
      Made a change in the way EVENT_METHOD is assigned. If not passed in, will try to get EVENT_METHOD
        from the parent first, before assigning EventHandler as method. 9 August 2004. DWF.
      Removed TOP_OBJECT reference. It was not being used and got in the way of saving/restoring
        object. 22 January 2005. DWF.
      Added TRASH container and ADDTOTRASH method. 27 July 2005. DWF.
      In the COPY method, changed the default temp directory to GETENV('IDL_TMPDIR'). 3 Nov 2008 DWF.

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