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    Calculates the contour level that encloses a given fraction of the data
    in a multi-dimensional histogram.



Calling Sequence

    Result = CONTOURLEVELS(Image, Enclosedfrac)


    Image: A histogram in arbitrary dimensions, e.g. as generated
                  with HIST_2D or HIST_ND.
    Enclosedfrac: The fraction of data points


    Takes an IMAGE generated using something like HIST_2D, ie. which
    contains the number of data points that fall within the bounds of
    each pixel, and calculates the contour levels that enclose a given
    fraction ENCLOSEDFRAC (which can be an array) of the data points.
    The RESULT can be passed to CONTOUR as the LEVELS= argument.
    IMAGE may have any dimensionality desired.
    Note that this errs on the side of lower contour levels that enclose
    a larger fraction of the data. I.e. if no contour level contains exactly
    ENCLOSEDFRAC of the data points then RESULT will be the highest contour
    level that contains no less than ENCLOSEDFRAC of the data.

Modification History

    Written by: Jeremy Bailin (lost in time..)

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