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What's New in ENVI Crop Science 1.0.1

What's New in ENVI Crop Science 1.0.1

This software release includes the new and enhanced features listed below.

  • The Crop Count tool was renamed to Count Crops. This tool also runs faster with large images.
  • The Crops to Shapefile tool was renamed to Convert Crops to Shapefile.
  • The Percent Overlap parameter has been optimized for faster speed in the Count Crops tool.
  • Use the Create Crop Location Grid tool to estimate crop locations in an image, based on three specified points. The tool creates a classification image with circles that represent crops. It is best used in fields where crops are equally spaced and sized. The associated API task is ENVIAgCreateAndRasterizeCropLocationGridTask.
  • Use the Find Rows and Remove Outliers tool to identify individual rows in a field, while removing outliers from the crop count result.
  • Use the Find Crop Gaps tool to find the locations of missing crops within a row.

New ENVITasks




This task estimates the crop count from a raster and a grid derived from three input points, and it creates a classification raster with their locations.


This task finds gaps with a row of an associated ENVIAgCrop object.


This task finds rows within an ENVIAgCrops object, removes crops that are outside the rows, and creates a classification raster with the remaining crop locations and sizes.

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