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What's New in ENVI Crop Science 1.1.1

What's New in ENVI Crop Science 1.1.1

The Calculate Zone Metrics and Calculate Zone Metrics with Spectral Index tools include an option to select an Input Zone Raster if it is available. This is a classification image that corresponds to the input zones. It allows zone metrics to be calculated faster for large images. Similarly, the following API tasks contain a new INPUT_ZONE_RASTER property:

  • ENVIAgCalculateAndRasterizeZoneMetricsTask
  • ENVIAgCalculateAndRasterizeZoneMetricsWithSpectralIndexTask
  • ENVIAgCalculateZoneMetricsTask
  • ENVIAgRasterizeZonesTask

The Find Rows and Remove Outliers tool contains two new parameters:

  • Row Angle: The primary angle of the rows in degrees clockwise from 0
  • Row Spacing: The distance between rows, in meters or pixels

A tags key was added to ENVITask templates in ENVI Crop Science. As a result, tasks that are categorized as "Crop Science" can be easily identified in the ENVI Modeler.

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