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      Provides a radio-like button group which allows you to select
      any two buttons.


Compound widgets

Calling Sequence

widget = CW_BGROUP2(parent,names)


      parnet - The ID of the parent widget.
      names - The names to give to the buttons.

Keyword Parameters

      EVENT_FUNC - The name of an optional user-supplied event function
          for buttons. This function is called with the return
          value structure whenever a button is pressed, and
          follows the conventions for user-written event
      GREY_BUTTONS - a vector indicating which buttons should be
                      greyed out. At the moment there is no way to
                      sensitize them again. (0,1) = (off,on)
UVALUE - Supplies the user value for the widget.
      UNAME - Supplies the user name for the widget.


      The ID of the created widget is returned.

Common Blocks


Side Effects

  This widget generates event structures with the following
      event = { ID:0L, TOP:0L, HANDLER:0L, SELECT_RANK:0,
                SELECT:0, VALUE:IntArr(2), COUNT:0}
    The SELECT field is passed through from the button event. VALUE
    is an array containing the rank number of the currently selected
    buttons. COUNT contains the number of selected buttons (0,1,2).


WIDGET_CONTROL, id, SET_VALUE=value can be used to change the
current value displayed by the widget.
WIDGET_CONTROL, id, GET_VALUE=var can be used to obtain the current
value displayed by the widget.

Modification History

      Written By: Edward C Wiebe, 2002-08-23

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