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ENVITask uses the ENVITaskFromGSF routine if a valid Geospatial Services Framework (GSF) URL is used instead of a task name. This routine communicates with the GSF server to request the definition of the requested task. It also configures the task's properties and parameters, based on that information. It provides a uniform API for running tasks remotely the same way they can be run locally. It dehydrates all of the input parameters and constructs the REST payload required to execute the remote task on the GSF server when ENVITask::Execute is called. It polls the server until the GSF job is finished, then it uses the job results to set output parameter values.

ENVITaskFromGSF inherits from ENVITask. You can call ENVITask methods and properties to retrieve information on items such as task parameters.


This class serves as a default implementation for communicating with a GSF server and running jobs as an ENVITask. It provides immediate parameter validation and manages dehydrating input parameters and rehydrating output parameters with the server.


ENVITaskFromGSF has the same methods as ENVITask. The use of AddParameter and RemoveParameter is not recommended as adding and removing parameter definitions can result in task validation failures on the GSF server.


ENVITaskFromGSF inherits all properties from ENVITask.

Version History

ENVI 5.5


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See Also

ENVITask, ENVITaskFromProcedure, ENVIServer

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