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The Geospatial Services Framework (GSF) provides geospatial processing as a web service.


If you did not elect to install the service during install, you can run GSF with the following command from the GSFxx directory:

node server.js

On Windows you can also start GSF by the start menu entry of GSF x.x -> GSF x.x (Console Mode).

Running as a Service

If you elected to install the service during install, GSF should be already up and running.

If you want to install the service after installation run the following command from the GSFxx directory.

node service add


GSF uses a config.json file in the GSFxx directory to determine what modules to load.

See configuration options in gsf-server-core.

There are many modules that are available to you that are not enabled by default. For example there is the gsf-amazon-s3-parameter-mapper module that enables Amazon S3 data to be used as input to processing.
To see configuration information for available modules, see the Dependencies menu above.

By default, the server will load the config.json file from the GSFxx directory.

If you wish to pass in a different configuration file, you can do so with the -c flag.

node server.js -c pathToConfig.json

To see additional command line options.

node server.js -h

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