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Geospatial Services Framework

GSF Tutorials

GSF - Help Tutorials


Getting Started Learn how to start and configure the Geospatial Services Framework.
Amazon S3 Public Data Sets Use public Landsat 8 data from Amazon S3 as input to jobs through the gsf-amazon-s3-parameter-mapper.
Amazon S3 Workspace Configure the server to store job results in an Amazon S3 bucket through the gsf-amazon-s3-workspace-manager.
Chaining Jobs Create a JavaScript program that uses the output of the first job as the input to the next job.
Clustering Configure multiple machines to participate in a cluster to scale processing.
Custom Licensing Configure each worker to match your licensing model.
Custom Parameter Mapper How to map parameter values between clients and server through your own custom-parameter-mapper.
Custom Request Handler Host your own web clients through a custom-request-handler.
Custom Route Mapping Learn how to route jobs to specific machines through your own custom-route-mapper.
Custom Metatasks Create a custom metatask that chains together two ENVITasks.
Server-Sent Events Create an HTML client to receive Server-Sent Events through the gsf-events-request-handler.
WebApp Map Client Create a web application that runs a custom ENVITask with a custom request handler and displays job output on an interactive map.

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