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  This procedure displays a 2D array onto a globe.


  SNOE, image, display

Calling Sequence



  DATA: A 2D FLOAT array.

Optional Inputs


Keyword Parameters

  LAT: The center latitude of the image [ 0 ]
  LONG: The center longitud of the image [ 0 ]
  LV: The MAX (Large Value) to scale the data with [ max( data ) ]
  SV: The MIN (Small Value) to scale the data with (only used
          with LOG) [ LV / 20. ]
  CONTINENTS: Set this keyword to draw the continents
  GGRID: Set this keyword to draw a Geographic grid
  MGRID: Set this keyword to draw a Magnetic grid
  CCOLOR:The colortable index of the Continents [ 0 ]
  GCOLOR:The colortable index of the Geo Grid [ 0 ]
  MCOLOR:The colortable index of the Mag Grid [ 255 ]
  LOG: Set this kewyord to image the log of the data
  ROT: Set this keyword to the number of degrees to rotate the globe
  XSIZE: Xsize of the image (pixels) [ 400 ]
  YSIZE: Ysize of the image (pixels) [ 400 ]
  PS: Set this keyword to produce a Postscript image
  EPS: Set this keyword to produce a Encapsulated Postscript image
  GIF: Set this keyword to produce a GIF image
  FILENAME: The name of the output file (no extension) [ gg5.* ]
  NOX: Set this keyword to NOT display the image to X
  _EXTRA is used for the following routines:
      LOAD_CGM, DEVICE, PLOTS, and possibly others...


  An image

Side Effects

  Modifies the !MAP system variable.
  Modifies the Z buffer
  Modifies the DEVICE setting if /PS or /EPS set


  None known


  See MAP_SET and "MAP_PROJECTIONS" in the IDL documentation.


  To get a first brief look at the data, use the following code,
  which produces a cylindrica projection with the continents for
            GRID_GLOBE, data, /cont
  To produce a globe centered on the North Magnetice Pole,
  orthographic projection, with geographic grid, magnetic grid, and
  continents drawn on ... And produce output in both GIF and PS
  format (named 'test.gif' and 'test.ps' respectively), with the
  data BILINEARLY smoothed ... And the continents drawn thick, and
  the auroral oval drawn VERY thick, and the continents drawn in
  BLUE (index 10 in the SNOE color table), use this code:
            GRID_GLOBE, data, lat=81.5, long=277.5, /ortho, /gg,
            /mg, /cont, /PS, /GIF, fname='test', /BILINEAR,
            MLINETHICK=2, OVAL=4, CCOLOR=10

Modification History

  Written by: KDM, 1998 - 2001
  2002-07-23. KDM. Added documentation. Modified to run on the 24 bit
                    displays at GI. Cleaned up code. Put into RCS.

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