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Map Projections

Map Projections

IDL's MAP function allows you to view more than 30 different map projections. This topic shows how to use the MAP function to view projections, and how to warp a map image to a map projection.

Map Projections Example

The following graphics are a sample of the map projections available in IDL.


The code shown below creates the maps shown above. You can copy the entire block and paste it into the IDL command line to run it.

; Create a map using the Mollweide projection.
mMoll = MAP('Mollweide', FILL_COLOR='light blue', $
  TITLE='Mollweide Projection')
; Create a map using the Sinusoidal projection.
mSinusoid = MAP('Sinusoidal', FILL_COLOR='light blue', $
  TITLE='Sinusoidal Projection')
; Create a map using the polar stereographic projection.
mPolStereo = MAP('PolarStereographic', FILL_COLOR='light blue', $
  TITLE='Polar Stereographic', LIMIT=[-90,-180,-60,180])
; Create a map using the interrupted goode projection.
mGoode = MAP('Interrupted Goode', FILL_COLOR='light blue', $
  HORIZON_COLOR='dark blue', HORIZON_THICK=2, TITLE='Interrupted Goode')


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