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Build New Raster Files

Build New Raster Files

Use New File Builder to create an ENVI-format file from a combination of ENVI files, external (foreign) files, or memory items.

  1. From the Toolbox, select Raster Management > New File Builder. The New File Builder dialog appears.

  2. Click Import File. The Create New File Input File dialog appears.
  3. Select one or more files to include and perform optional spatial and spectral subsetting. You can subset a group of files if they are the same size; the subset is applied to each file.
  4. Repeat the file selection using the Import File button for each input file to include in the new file. Input files are listed in the Selected ENVI Files for New File list.
    • To delete a file from the list in the New File Builder dialog, select the filename and click Delete.
    • To change the order in which the files and/or bands are imported, click Reorder Files to open the Reorder Files dialog, and click on a filename or band name and drag it to the desired position in the list.
    • To remove the component files, use the Remove Superfluous Files? toggle button to select Yes (remove files), or No, next to the text label.

      Note: Removing component files physically removes the files from the Layer Manager and the disk. If transferring memory items to the new file and you select Remove Superfluous Files? the items are deleted from memory when the new file is created. If transferring all of the bands from a disk file to the new file and you select Remove Superfluous Files? the original disk file is physically deleted from the disk when the new file (either memory or disk file) is created.

  5. Select output to File or Memory.
  6. Click OK to build the new file. ENVI creates the file in BSQ format.

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