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Replace Bad Lines

Replace Bad Lines

Use Replace Bad Lines to replace bad data lines in image data. You must identify the position of the lines to replace before running the function by using the Cursor Location/Value tool.

Note: Use the Spatial Pixel Editor to interactively fix bad lines.

  1. From the Toolbox, select Raster Management > Replace Bad Lines.
  2. Select an input file and perform optional spatial and spectral subsetting, then click OK. The Bad Lines Parameters dialog appears.
  3. In the Enter Bad Line field, specify which bad lines to replace and press Enter.
  4. The line appears in the Selected Lines list.

    • To remove that line from the list, select the line.
    • To save the line coordinates to a file, click Save.
    • To restore the coordinates from a previously saved file, click Restore.
    • To clear the list of lines to replace, click Clear.
  5. In the Half Width to Average field, enter the number of adjacent lines to use as an average for calculation of the replacement line. The value is symmetrical around the line to replace. For example, the value 2 means that two lines on either side of the selected line will be averaged to calculate the replacement.
  6. Click OK. The Bad Lines Output dialog appears.
  7. Select output to File or Memory.
  8. Click OK.

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