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Set Intelligent Digitizer Parameters

Set Intelligent Digitizer Parameters

Depending on the features to extract, you may want to adjust the Intelligent Digitizer parameter default settings. Typically, the defaults are ideal for road centerline extraction; however, if you plan to extract features with pronounced curves (such as creeks), you can improve the quality of the results by adjusting the parameters.

  1. Select one of the following:
    • From the Vector Parameters dialog menu bar, select Mode > Intelligent Digitizer Parameters.
    • Right-click on the display group and select Intelligent Digitizer Parameters.

      The Intelligent Digitizer Parameters dialog appears.

  2. The Linear Feature Width (Pixels) default is the average road width at the current image resolution, in pixels (assuming a road width of 15 meters). Though this setting is suitable for road extraction, you can change it for features with widths that differ from the average road width. If needed, use the Cursor Location/Value tool to help estimate the width. The lowest allowable value is 0.0.
  3. The Snap Tolerance (Pixels) specifies distance, in pixels, to allow between two polylines for ENVI to join them when you use snapping operations. Change the default as needed. The default is 30.00, which indicates that ENVI will join polylines 30.00 or fewer pixels apart. The lowest allowable value is 0.0, which disables snapping.
  4. The Smoothing default specifies how much smoothing ENVI applies during feature extraction. High is the default setting, which is good for features that are not highly curved. If you have highly curved features to extract, use a setting of Low or Off to reduce the amount of curve smoothing.
  5. You can perform feature extraction on a different band, or bands, than what is in the display group.
  6. When all parameters are set, click OK.

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