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The XVAREDIT procedure is a utility that provides a widget-based editor for any IDL variable. Use the input fields to change desired values of the variable or array. Click “Accept” to write the new values into the variable. Click “Cancel” to exit XVAREDIT without saving changes.

Note: When XVAREDIT runs in the IDL Virtual Machine, variable values can be displayed, but not edited.

This routine is written in the IDL language. Its source code can be found in the file xvaredit.pro in the lib/utilities subdirectory of the IDL distribution.


XVAREDIT, Var [, NAME='variable_name'{ignored if variable is a structure}] [, GROUP=widget_id] [, X_SCROLL_SIZE=columns] [, Y_SCROLL_SIZE=rows]



The variable to be edited. On output, this variable contains the edited value if the user selects the “Accept” button, or the original value if the user selects the “Cancel” button.



The NAME of the variable. This keyword is overwritten with the structure name if the variable is a structure.


The widget ID of the widget that calls XVAREDIT. When this ID is specified, a death of the caller results in a death of XVAREDIT.


Set this keyword to the column width of the scrolling viewport. The default is 4.


Set this keyword to the row width of the scrolling viewport. The default is 4.

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