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Machine Learning: Automate Remote Sensing Analytics to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Wondering how you can use machine learning, and more specifically deep learning technologies, to get a jump on the competition? This webinar will provide a brief, high-level overview of machine learning and its applications before delving into Harris’ five year head start developing deep learning technologies that are being deployed today. Harris has applied deep learning algorithms to solve remote sensing problems like target detection, feature extraction, and classification challenges. This technology can be deployed in a desktop or enterprise-level environment, and can be put to work today to help solve your most complex problems. 


  • The importance of deep learning in managing large volumes of sensor data 
  • Successful pilot programs for: 
- Automatic Target Detection 

- Object Detection on 3D data (LiDAR point clouds) 

- Using synthetic data to train artificial neural networks 
  •  A real-world implementation where deep learning was used to automatically gain activity-based intelligence from satellite imagery of an airport.