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Quickly Find, Process, and Generate Products from Landsat-8 Imagery

Access to free data is one thing. Finding the right images, processing them and generating meaningful information from them is another. Watch this webinar to learn more about extracting critical information to develop leading geoanalytics products from Landsat-8 data.

In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to easily visualize and comprehend information from Landsat-8 imagery
  • What type of Landsat-8 GeoServices are available on CloudEO GeoMarketplace
  • How you can deploy GeoServices on CloudEO's GeoMarketplace

Who should watch this webinar:

  • Smart City planners, government, planning groups
  • Anyone who utilizes or intends to utilize Landsat imagery and/or information products extracted from multispectral imagery
  • Developers looking to deploy cloud based geoanalytics
  • Researchers and academics who are interested in Landsat-8 imagery