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What's New in ENVI® 5.5.3 and IDL® 8.7.3


For more information on product updates, visit: www.harrisgeospatial.com/Support/Maintenance

Watch this webinar to learn about some of these key features and get a sneak peek at what's coming up for ENVI 5.6. Here is a snapshot of the primary features that have been added:

  • Improved user experience for creating and editing annotations
  • New magnifier annotation and enhanced text visualization
  • A simple, new way to create professional PowerPoint presentations
  • 8 New ENVITasks for use in the ENVI Modeler and through the ENVI API in IDL
  • Expanded file format support for DESIS, Göktürk-1, PRISMA, CSSHPB (shapefile) Data Extension Segment (DES) in NITF files
  • Quick Mosaic tool to quickly combine separate images together as a single layer
  • Thematic Change tool which lets you easily find differences between 2 classification images

Download the slides from this webinar here.