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Manage Vegetation Encroachment and Utility Assets Efficiently and Programmatically

Learn how Geiger-mode LiDAR enables Utilities to use data from a single collect to solve multiple challenges. The proprietary Geiger-mode LiDAR sensor can capture an entire service area in a single acquisition. That means Utilities can leverage those datasets to develop solutions for both transmission and distribution networks for asset location/management, vegetation management, engineering, emergency management, and more.

Vegetation Management Programs (VMP) are evolving and Utilities are looking to make them more intelligent and predictive. This webinar will not only show how Geiger-mode LiDAR can help achieve these goals for your VMP, it will get you to a “Yes” the next time the question is asked “Am I winning?”

Watch this recorded webinar to learn:

  • About Geiger-mode LiDAR and how it can be used for asset management and VMPs
  • New techniques to make VMPs more efficient
  • The benefits of better information and full 3D models of the network
  • How this approach improves safety and reliability on the network