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Transmission and Distribution (T&D) infrastructure is complex and only as reliable as its weakest link. So even after crews have inspected assets and upgrades and maintenance has been scheduled, an unexpected event can drastically change the reliability of the network. The challenges of managing a network are not limited to maintaining reliability, but also include managing costs, improving safety, and ensuring customer satisfaction. As utilities seek to improve on all aspects of network asset management, automating operations using remote sensing technology such as UAS and big data analytics is becoming a safe, accurate, high-frequency, and low-cost approach.

Whether it's managing vegetation, monitoring assets, or responding to a weather event, remotely sensed data can provide critical insights faster, and more affordably than traditional visual inspections. For nearly 30 years, L3Harris Geospatial has been exclusively focused on leveraging remotely sensed data to solve some of the most challenging problems in the industry. Today, L3Harris is firmly established as the industry leader in image science, and with the ever-increasing availability of geospatial data, utilities rely on L3Harris for solutions that deliver critical network insights.

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L3Harris provides solutions to utility companies that range from data collection, to data storage and asset management, to processing and analyzing data, to delivering those critical insights to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. We can deliver an end-to-end solution or plug and play any of these offerings seamlessly into an existing system.

L3Harris offers end to end utility solutions to collect and manage all types of remotely sensed data from a variety of collection vehicles and generate valuable asset management insights. Using a combination of advanced ENVI analytics and deep learning technologies offers the ability to evaluate asset condition and direct crews to make repairs before an outage occurs.

Image Science

Traditional vegetation management practices are time consuming, and not always accurate, and with a growing urgency for development of new mitigation approaches to deal with increased threats of wildfires and system outages, remotely sensed imagery is being looked to as a possible game changer. L3Harris offers data collection, data management, and advanced analytics to automatically identify areas of potential encroachment on the ground, along conductors, or at the pole top. Output from this analysis provides prioritized areas for field crews to remediate the encroachment.

Image Science


Vegetation profiles can be derived from high-resolution Geiger-mode LiDAR data and by analyzing multi/hyperspectral data with ENVI. Accurate species identification lets you predict future growth rates and patterns and preemptively mitigate problem vegetation and invasive species.


ENVI can extract features such as trees, power lines, and power poles from a variety of remotely sensed data including LiDAR and spectral imagery. These features can be seamlessly pushed to your GIS as vector objects to map vegetation so you can deploy the appropriate crews and equipment to specific problem areas and reduce the time visually inspecting corridors.

In today’s economy there is zero tolerance for an electrical outage, regardless of the severity of a natural disaster. As a result, when a catastrophe occurs, it is more important than ever to restore the network as quickly as possible. Having a comprehensive record of T&D infrastructure is imperative in order to be able to quickly assess damage with a clear path to the restoration target. L3Harris provides data and solutions to assess the damage and quickly formulate a restoration plan.

Image Science

L3Harris’ Geiger-mode LiDAR data provides baseline maps of the entire network, and through a range of post-storm data collection techniques – from space, in the air, and on the ground, L3Harris’ change detection analytics can detect anomalies between the baseline map and current information. This automated approach using all forms of remote sensing techniques allows organizations to position repair crews and restore power more rapidly and effectively.

Early in the corridor planning process it’s important to accurately evaluate the terrain, taking into consideration impacts to the environment, private land owners, and regulations. L3Harris Geospatial helps control costs, and reduce risk to the business by offering data and analytics to efficiently assess the plan area/corridor, select proper routes, and ensure appropriate clearances.

Image Science

Using LiDAR data, clearance information on overhead T&D infrastructure can be calculated to support minimum clearance zones between communications and electric spans as part of a joint use asset management plan, as well as identifying potential NERC clearance violations with nearby structures. Upload data into new or existing databases/GIS to get a clear picture of surrounding infrastructure such as, under wire crossings, roads, water features, slope, and other elements.

Amplify™ Utility Asset Management

As utility companies capture and consume more remotely sensed data, establishing a centralized data management system is core to the foundation of their business. Users throughout the organization need quick access to the right data to make informed decisions whether it is to monitor the state of infrastructure, mitigate vegetation risks, or respond to natural disasters. Leveraging years of success in the defense and intelligence domain, L3Harris has commercialized its advanced data management system in Amplify .



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L3Harris’ utility asset management platform (Amplify) ingests all types of imagery, video, LiDAR and other forms of remotely sensed data to analyze utility T&D infrastructure. Amplify lets users in the field or in an operations/data center quickly locate critical intelligence with advanced discovery and filtering capabilities so they can make informed decisions with a high degree of confidence.

Integration With Utility Operations

L3Harris understands the requirements around operations integration and has developed Amplify to work seamlessly with other operational systems such as GIS, work management, and asset management.

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