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6 Feb

Analytics. Insights. Answers you can Trust.

Dan Gruidel | Comments (0) | Number of views (1218) | Article rating: 5.0

We are very excited to officially rollout our businesses’ new value statement: “Analytics. Insights. Answers you can Trust.” While we certainly like the ring of it, I would be... Read More >

18 Oct

ENVI 5.5.1, SARscape 5.5, and IDL 8.7.1

Zachary Norman | Comments (0) | Number of views (1728) | Article rating: 5.0

In case you missed it, we recently had a webinar for the ENVI 5.5.1, SARscape 5.5, and IDL 8.7.1 release earlier this week. The webinar was led by BIll Okubo, our ENVI + IDL product manager, and... Read More >

Hurricane Florence is closing in on the South and North Carolina Coast.  The storm is strong and massive and shows a potential to stall. Optical Satellites and aerial assets aren’t... Read More >

11 Sep

The Eclipse: Tracking where the Moon's shadow GOES

Zachary Norman | Comments (0) | Number of views (3923) | Article rating: 5.0

Here is one of the coolest examples that I have created using IDL in a while. For this blog post, I'm going to walk through how I created an animation of the Moon's shadow during the Great... Read More >

For some of us, it's significantly easier to understand an object in 3-dimensional space if we're holding it in our hands, versus viewing it on a screen or even in a virtual reality... Read More >

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