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17 Oct

Just an analyst looking at the world

James Lewis | Comments (0) | Number of views (2716) | Article rating: No rating

In most cases as a geospatial analyst I use ENVI and IDL to look at the world in a rather flat and two dimensional aspect when it comes to data analytics. However, LiDAR, drones, advancements in... Read More >

13 Oct

Creating Animations and Videos in IDL

Jim Pendleton | Comments (0) | Number of views (1569) | Article rating: 1.0

Oftentimes it is easier for us to perceive change in images if we animate the images in a video. These comparisons could be between images of the same subject taken at different times, or images... Read More >

11 Oct

Could satellites be the secret to detecting water leaks?

Cherie Muleh | Comments (0) | Number of views (2659) | Article rating: 4.5

As a Channel Manager for Harris Geospatial, I look after our distributors in Australia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Distributors sell our products in their... Read More >

6 Oct

Minimizing Rounding Errors with IDL's TOTAL function

Atle Borsholm | Comments (0) | Number of views (1932) | Article rating: No rating

The idea for my blog topic this week came from a question from Ron Kneusel about the loss of precision using IDL’s TOTAL function. IDL functions are often implemented in a... Read More >

5 Oct

Choosing the right type of imagery for your project

Jon Coursey | Comments (0) | Number of views (10003) | Article rating: 3.8

Satellite Imagery is used for a wide range of projects, but often times it is tough to figure out just which type of data is needed. In the world of remote sensing, there are many different... Read More >

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