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Digital Terrain Model with Landsat Images

Customer Challenge

Decision makers in Flores, Indonesia required visually intuitive representations of surface features in Komodo National Park. A research project prompted Muhammed Barnawi to find a way to providebetter interpretable visualizations.

Solution Achieved

Barnawi used ENVI to create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), which provide him with 3-D, accurate representations of surface features in regions of interest. In addition to DEMs, ENVI's bult-in annotation tool helped him to create intuitive color composites to focus on areas with no cloud cover. ENVI's hill shading analysis tool also allowed him to combine the color Landsat composite image with the digital elevation model, creating a representaion of surface features in the park.


  • Using ENVI and Landsat images, Barnawi better able to represent surface features in the Komodo National Park.
  • ENVI's built-in capabilities allowed them to easily present their data.
  • Creating color composites in ENVI is easy - especially when compared with other methods.

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