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Remote Sensing for Oil, Gas and Mining – Save Resources, Reduce Fieldwork and Solve Challenges Faster to Maximize Profit

Remote sensing is being used more frequently to acquire information about a geographic area of interest prior to putting resources on the ground. Many problems faced by oil, gas, and mining professionals, including the selection and development of exploration areas, detection and mapping of illegal mining activities, or monitoring dams, pipelines and terrain movements can be efficiently addressed by extracting information from geospatial imagery.

Remote Sensing based applications reduce the need for field work, minimize environmental impacts, and ultimately safe costs, to help achieve results faster during exploration, extraction, and remediation/reclamation stages.

ENVI® is a scientifically proven suite of image analysis software designed for the use of earth observation data including optical, SAR and LiDAR data from satellite, airborne and UAV platforms. It is widely known for its reliable and accurate analytical capabilities including Deep Learning, its customization possibilities using IDL® and its interoperability with ESRI`s ArcGIS platform.

Watch this live webinar to learn how remotely sensed data together with ENVI and SARscape® can be used in natural resources and extraction industries: Oil, Gas and Mining to save resources, reduce fieldwork and solve challenges faster to maximize profit. In this webinar we will share application examples including: spectral mineral mapping, hydrocarbon microseepage, vegetation stress, and more.

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