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Build Custom Workflows Easily with ENVI Modeler | DEMO

Have you ever had a great idea for a custom tool in ENVI but were put off by learning the ENVI API? Traditionally, this was the only way to chain together various tasks in a sequence, or to batch-process input files at once. The learning curve can be steep if you are not familiar with basic IDL and ENVI programming.

With the release of ENVI 5.5, building custom data-processing workflows in ENVI is much easier, thanks to the ENVI Modeler. This is a new visual programming tool that leverages the power of the ENVI API with a simple user interface to help you create and run workflows that you can deploy to desktop and enterprise environments. You can design simple or complex processes that combine different ENVI spectral tools, without having any knowledge of ENVI programming.

Get a walk-through of ENVI Modeler in this video.



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