• Let our experts take you further, faster, with a deployment that meets your unique requirements and challenges.

    ENVI Analytics Fast Start Program

The ENVI Analytics Fast Start is a 3-day service in which a Harris Geospatial engineer will evaluate the current state of your project, perform a basic installation and configuration to get you up and running, deploy solutions in your infrastructure, and provide guidance on analysis workflows and best practice recommendations for your project.

During the 3 days, you will receive dedicated onsite support to review your needs and current project state. We will work together to:

  • Understand your data, analysis needs, and project goals
  • Perform a strategic assessment by discussing proposed workflows and deployment options to meet your project requirements
  • Review potential project solutions and understand our best practices for development and deployment

Following your 3-day ENVI Analytics Fast Start, our engineer will deliver to you a summary statement, which will provide an analysis of your project and a roadmap toward achieving your end goals. Depending on the complexity of the project, this statement may also include a proposed Phase 2 summary with suggestions for further custom work, a plan to develop a proof of concept, or a request for additional information to meet project requirements.

Leverage our domain expertise and unparalleled knowledge of data processing and image exploitation to design and develop a solution that meets your requirements.


  • 3-Day ENVI Analytics Fast Start: $7,000 USD
  • 3-Day ENVI Analytics Fast Start and Desktop Bundle: $13,500 USD
    (Desktop Bundle includes 1 ENVI + IDL desktop license)
  • 3-Day ENVI Analytics Fast Start and Cloud Bundle: $27,000 USD
    (Cloud Bundle includes 1 ENVI + IDL desktop license, 1 Geospatial Services Framework license, and 4 ENVI Services Engine Concurrent Worker licenses)

*Pricing includes travel and accommodation for one Harris Geospatial consultant