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Using 7.5 arc-second resolution GMTED2010 global elevation data with ENVI

The U.S. Geologcal Survey and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency have developed a global elevation dataset known as GMTED2010 to replace the widely-used GTOPO30 dataset as the best available global digital elevation model. GMTED2010 in 30 arc-second spatial resolution is automatically included in ENVI 5.1 and 5.2 installations. It is the default DEM used during the RPC Orthorectification Workflow and when using Auto Tie Point Generation with images that have RPCs in the Image Registration Workflow.

A 7.5 arc-second resolution version of this dataset is also now available from the Exelis VIS download web site. For more information please see this recent post on our Imagery Speaks blog.

To add this high resolution GMTED to ENVI, please follow these steps:

1. Optionally rename the existing GMTED2010.jp2 file that is included in the ENVI installation's data directory. That file will appear in the following locations on typical ENVI 5.2 installations:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Exelis\ENVI52\data\GMTED2010.jp2

Linux: /usr/local/exelis/ENVI52/data/GMTED2010.jp2

Macintosh: /Applications/Exelis/ENVI52/data/GMTED2010.jp2

This is the 30 arc-second GMTED2010 dataset. For example, you may wish to rename it to GMTED2010_lowres.jp2

2. Download the GMTED2010.zip file from the Exelis VIS download site.

3. Unzip the GMTED2010.zip file, placing the resulting GMTED2010.jp2 file into the data directory under the ENVI installation, where the original GMTED2010.jp2 can be found. If you have not renamed the original GMTED2010.jp2 file, then you will be overwriting that lower resolution GMTED2010 file with this higher resolution version of the same dataset.

4. When you start a new session of ENVI, the default DEM used during the RPC Orthorectification Workflow and Auto Tie Point generation in the Image Registration Workflow.





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