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IDL Workbench 8.7.0 / ENVI+IDL 5.5.0 licensing error: Trusted storage hostid does not match system hostid


A licensing failure can occur when launching the IDL Workbench which reads "Unable to license IDL. Trusted storage hostid does not match system hostid." An example of what this might look like is shown below:

Will the solution below work for me?

Confirm that all of the following are true:

  • The error specifically contains the line: "Trusted storage hostid foes not match system hostid"
  • The license error is occurring on the Windows operating system
  • The issue only occurs when running the IDL Workbench 8.7.0 (or ENVI+IDL 5.5.0). If you launch IDL Command Line, the licensing error does not appear and IDL works fine. 


This error is the result of an uncommon but known licensing issue for the IDL 8.7.0 Workbench on Windows. There is a patch available that will fix the issue. For more information, contact Harris Geospatial Technical Support via email, referencing your IDL license # and the Issue # CLL-306.






Created: 04/25/18 BC; Reviewed: 04/30/18 DS

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