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IDL 64-bit Workbench freezes/crashes when launched by non-admin users on Windows 10


The IDL 64-bit Workbench freezes or crashes when launched on Windows 10 as a non-admin user. However, the 64-bit Workbench works fine for admin users, and also the IDL 32-bit Workbench does not experience the issue at all for any users.


This behavior is related to a failed interaction between the IDL Workbench and the Linux Subsystem (LSS) which now comes part of Windows 10 by default beginning in 2017. 


To resolve the issue, reinstall the LSS using the below commands from an Administrator Windows Command Prompt. Note: This process will install a completely fresh LSS except for your users' home directory. Any prior packages, applications, or files within the LSS but outside of the home directories will be lost. 

lxrun /uninstall 

lxrun /install 

After this process completes, reboot your computer and the IDL 64-bit Workbench should work again for non-admin users. 






Created: 04/25/18 by BC  Reviewed: 04/30/18 by DS

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