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Enterprise IAS End of Life Notice

Enterprise IAS End of Life Notice  Effective January 1 2018, Harris Geospatial Solutions will no longer provide maintenance, sales or technical support as well as general...Read More >

How do I use ENVI Tools in ArcGIS?

The ability to run ENVI analytics within ArcGIS is continually evolving to accommodate a wider range of tools and customization. Versions of ENVI prior to 5.5 included a set of geoprocessing tools...Read More >

Step by step evaluation of IR_FILTER

This article shows the step by step evaluation of the operation performed by the IR_FILTER function. To start, let us evaluate run this function with IDL setting all of the parameters to...Read More >

How to update the SSL security certificate for the Harris FlexNet 2016 License Server


Beginning on March 7, 2018, the 2016 version of the Harris FlexNet License Server will require an updated... more »

ENVI 5.5 and IDL 8.7 Upgrade FAQ


This article provides quick answers to commonly asked questions about upgrading to ENVI 5.5 and IDL 8.7... more »

How to Obtain the Host Name and Host...

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FLEXnet error -97,xxx: The desired...

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The IDL Virtual Machine

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Licensing & Installation Frequently...

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License installation instructions...

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