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The IDLgrVolume::GetProperty procedure method retrieves the value of a property or group of properties for the volume.


Obj->[IDLgrVolume::]GetProperty[, PROPERTY=variable] [, /NO_COPY]




Any property listed under IDLgrVolume Properties that contains the word “Yes” in the “Get” column of the properties table can be retrieved using this method. To retrieve the value of a property, specify the property name as a keyword set equal to a named variable that will contain the value of the property.

Any keyword not recognized is passed to this object’s superclass.


If this keyword is set to a non-zero value, and the DATA0, DATA1, DATA2, or DATA3 property is specified in the same invocation, the data is relocated from the volume object into the destination variable, removing the data from the object.

vol = BYTARR(30,30,30, /NOZERO)
oVol = OBJ_NEW('IDLgrVolume')
oVol->SetProperty, DATA0=vol
oVol->GetProperty, DATA0=vol, /NO_COPY
HELP, vol
; IDL prints VOL BYTE = Array[30, 30, 30]
; Verify that the data has been removed from the object by
; repeating the call.
oVol->GetProperty, DATA0=vol2, /NO_COPY
HELP, vol2
; IDL prints VOL2 UNDEFINED = <Undefined>

There can be 1, 2, 3, or 4 volumes stored in an IDLgrVolume. Calling Get with NO_COPY is a good way to remove the data associated with one of the volumes without destroying the object.

Version History




Added NO_COPY keyword

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