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  Add synthetic cosmic ray strikes to a CCD image.


  Using an estimate of mean strikes on the image, an actual strike
  count is created as a Poisson deviate.
  Based on a normal distribution of maximum pixel intensity,
  the strikes are then added to the ccd image array.
  It is possible to save the struck image array as a fits file.


  CCD data processing

Calling Sequence



  meancrs - Average number of strikes to add per image.
  mincount - lowest DN for cosmic ray strikes
  maxcount - highest DN for cosmic ray strikes
  seed - seed value for random number generation
  img - 2-D image array to be modified

Optional Input Parameters

Keyword Input Parameters

  OVERSCAN - number of columns in overscan to skip, ie, if img is
                m X n, the region from [0:m-overscan-1, 0:n-1]
                is where the cosmic rays will be added.
  FITSFN - full path name to write FITS file of the modified img.
  DEBUG - Flag, if set, turn on debug output.


  img 2-D image array to be modified

Keyword Output Parameters

  CRSOUT - Output, number of cosmic rays added to the image.

Common Blocks

Side Effects



Modification History

  2006/07/02, Written, Peter L. Collins, Lowell Observatory
                (as addcrstrikes,pro, for avgclip testing)
  2006/07/10, PLC, extend pixel size of cr strike for visibility in itool.
                  (keyword PIXEXT)
  2006/07/11, changed name and dns values chosen by uniform draw.
  2006/07/13, PLC, add keyword CRSOUT.
  2006/07/14, MWB, final cleanup and addition to library

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