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        This object is part of the Catalyst Library. It is a simple object used
        to store a named value of any data type in a CatList object. It is
        similar to a hash in the perl programming language.
        This object is designed solely to be used by the CATLIST container
        object and should not be called individually.


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        Fort Collins Warborough, Oxon
        CO 80526 USA OX10 7DN, ENGLAND
        Phone: 970-221-0438 Phone: +44 (0)1865 858279
        E-mail: davidf@dfanning.com E-mail: davidb@burridgecomputing.co.uk




      catListValueObject = Obj_New('CatListValue', parent, name, Value=value)


        parent: The parent object - must be a CatList object (required)
        name: The name of the value in the list (optional)


        DESTROY_ON_CLEANUP: A CatListValue object simply provides a storage location
                (a pointer) for an IDL variable. It takes no interest in what kind of
                variable is stored there. But if the variable is a heap variable, or
                a compound variable like a structure that can contain heap variables,
                there is a possibility heap memory can leak away from the user. If this
                keyword is set, then when this object is destroyed, the contents of the
                storage location will also be destroyed (by passing the variable to the
                UNDEFINE command). This would be appropriate, for example, if a pointer
                was stored and you wanted the contents of that pointer and the pointer
                itself to be destroyed when this object is destroyed.
        VALUE: The variable to be assigned as the value of the object. If
                no value is supplied, a NULL string is used.

Class Structure

    class = { CatListValue, $
              _value : PTR_NEW (), $
              INHERITS CatContainer $

Modification History

      Written by: David Burridge, 12th March 2003.
      Added an UNDEFINE call to the CLEANUP method, so that whatever the internal value
          pointer points to is also destroyed. 23 June 2009. David W Fanning.
      Added DESTROY_ON_CLEANUP keyword. This keyword must be set to call UNDEFINE (as
          described above) on the stored variable. Otherwise, there are complications
          throughout the Catalyst system. 26 June 2009. DWF

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