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  Craig B. Markwardt, NASA/GSFC Code 662, Greenbelt, MD 20770


  Replicates an array or scalar into a larger array, as REPLICATE does.

Calling Sequence



  The CMREPLICATE function constructs an array, which is filled with
  the specified VALUE template. CMREPLICATE is very similar to the
  built-in IDL function REPLICATE. However there are two
      * the VALUE can be either scalar or an ARRAY.
      * the dimensions are specified as a single vector rather than
        individual function arguments.
  For example, if VALUE is a 2x2 array, and DIMS is [3,4], then the
  resulting array will be 2x2x3x4.


  VALUE - a scalar or array template of any type, to be replicated.
          NOTE: These two calls do not produce the same result:
                  ARRAY = CMREPLICATE( 1, DIMS)
                  ARRAY = CMREPLICATE([1], DIMS)
          In the first case the output dimensions will be DIMS and
          in the second case the output dimensions will be 1xDIMS
          (except for structures). That is, a vector of length 1 is
          considered to be different from a scalar.
  DIMS - Dimensions of output array (which are combined with the
          dimensions of the input VALUE template). If DIMS is not
          specified then VALUE is returned unchanged.


  The resulting replicated array.


  x = [0,1,2]
  help, cmreplicate(x, [2,2])
    <Expression> INT = Array[3, 2, 2]
  Explanation: The 3-vector x is replicated 2x2 times.
  x = 5L
  help, cmreplicate(x, [2,2])
    <Expression> LONG = Array[2, 2]
  Explanation: The scalar x is replicated 2x2 times.

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Modification History

  Written, CM, 11 Feb 2000
  Fixed case when ARRAY is array of structs, CM, 23 Feb 2000
  Apparently IDL 5.3 can't return from execute(). Fixed, CM, 24 Feb
  Corrected small typos in documentation, CM, 22 Jun 2000
  Removed EXECUTE() call by using feature of REBIN() new in IDL 5.6,
    (thanks to Dick Jackson) CM, 24 Apr 2009
  Remove some legacy code no longer needed after above change
    (RETVAL variable no longer defined; thanks to A. van Engelen),
    CM, 08 Jul 2009
  Change to square bracket array index notation; there were reports
    of funny business with parenthesis indexing (thanks Jenny Lovell),
    CM, 2012-08-16

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