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Convert r, g, and b color value(s) to 24-bit color values. R, g, and b
should be integers in the range [0, 255]. If not, they are converted to LONGs
and then truncated to that range. R, g, and b can be three scalars or three
    arrays of equal dimension.
If g and b are omitted and r is a numerical expression, then r is assumed to
represent a grayscale value. That is, the g and b values are set equal to r.
This function also includes a set of predefined colors that can COLOR_24_KPB selected
by name. If g and b are omitted and r is STRING expression, COLOR_24_KPB
attempts to find a color with that name in the predefined table of colors.
If the current device is not a 24-bit device (such as the PS device), COLOR_24_KPB
    assumes that LOAD_BASIC_COLORS_KPB has been called to load the predefined colors
    into the color table.


Color calculations.

Calling Sequence

color = COLOR_24_KPB(r, g, b) for 24-bit color
color = COLOR_24_KPB(r) for 24-bit grayscale
color = COLOR_24_KPB('name') for pre-defined color


r : red value(s). r is converted to LONG and truncated to the range [0, 255]
g : green value(s). g is converted to LONG and truncated to the range [0, 255]
b : blue value(s). b is converted to LONG and truncated to the range [0, 255]
r : string containing the name of a predefined color


Scalar or array of 24-bit color value(s) of type LONG.

Modification History

    Kenneth P. Bowman, 1999-02-11.
    Kenneth P. Bowman, 2001-02-14. Modified to include predefined colors by name.
    Kenneth P. Bowman, 2003-10-09. Modified to allow single numerical value for r to indicate grayscale.
    Kenneth P. Bowman, 2005-11-09. Added more colors.
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Texas A&M University
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