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GSF Tutorials

GSF - Help Tutorials


Getting Started Learn how to start and configure the Geospatial Services Framework.
Amazon S3 Public Data Sets Use public Landsat 8 data from Amazon S3 as input to jobs through the gsf-amazon-s3-parameter-mapper.
Amazon S3 Workspace Configure the server to store job results in an Amazon S3 bucket through the gsf-amazon-s3-workspace-manager.
Clustering Configure multiple machines to participate in a cluster to scale processing.
Enabling CORS support in GSF Enabling CORS support in GSF for cross domain webapps.
Custom Licensing Configure each worker to match your licensing model.
Custom Parameter Mapper How to map parameter values between clients and server through your own custom-parameter-mapper.
Custom Request Handler Host your own web clients through a custom-request-handler.
Custom Route Mapping Learn how to route jobs to specific machines through your own custom-route-mapper.
Custom Metatasks Create a custom metatask that chains together two ENVITasks.
Python Engine Configure the Python engine and optionally create an example task.
Server-Sent Events Create an HTML client to receive Server-Sent Events through the gsf-events-request-handler.
WebApp Map Client Create a web application that runs a custom ENVITask with a custom request handler and displays job output on an interactive map.

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