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      The purpose of this program is to extend the SIMPLE_SURFACE
      program to demonstrate how to create reversible axes in
      object graphics.


      David Fanning, Ph.D.
      1645 Sheely Drive
      Fort Collins, CO 80526 USA
      Phone: 970-221-0438
      E-mail: david@idlcoyote.com
      Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming: http://www.idlcoyote.com


      Widgets, Object Graphics.

Calling Sequence

      REVERSE_AXES, data, x, y

Required Inputs

      None. Fake data will be used if no data is supplied in call.

Optional Inputs

      data: A 2D array of surface data.
      x: A vector of X data values.
      y: A vector of Y data values.
      EXACT: Set this keyword to get exact axis scaling.
      _EXTRA: This keyword collects otherwise undefined keywords that are
        passed to the surface initialization routine.
      GROUP_LEADER: The group leader for this program. When the group leader
      is destroyed, this program will be destroyed.
      LANDSCAPE: Set this keyword if you are printing in landscape mode. The
      default is Portrait mode. The Landscape keyword on the PRINTER object
      is set, but not all printers will honor this keyword setting. If yours
      does not, set Landscape mode in the Printer Setup dialog.
      VECTOR: Set this keyword if you want vector printing (as opposed to
      the default bitmap printing).
      XTITLE: A string used as the X title of the plot.
      YTITLE: A string used as the Y title of the plot.
      ZTITLE: A string used as the Z title of the plot.

Common Blocks



      To use this program with your 2D data, type:
        IDL> Reverse_Axes, data

Modification History

  Written by: David Fanning, October 2001.
  Changed FSC_Normalize to cgNormalize to reflect new name. 6 Feb 2013. DWF.

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