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CDF Routines Common Data Format routines.
CDF_ATTCREATE Creates a new attribute in the specified Common Data Format file.
CDF_ATTDELETE Deletes an attribute from the specified CDF file.
CDF_ATTEXISTS Determines whether a given attribute exists in the specified CDF file.
CDF_ATTGET Reads an attribute entry from a CDF file.
CDF_ATTGET_ENTRY Reads a variable attribute entry from a CDF file.
CDF_ATTINQ Obtains information about a specified attribute in a CDF file.
CDF_ATTNUM Returns the attribute number associated with a particular attribute in a CDF file.
CDF_ATTPUT Writes an attribute entry to a Common Data Format file, or attaches an attribute to a CDF variable.
CDF_ATTRENAME Used to rename an existing attribute in a CDF file.
CDF_CLOSE Closes the specified CDF file.
CDF_COMPRESSION Sets or returns the compression mode for a CDF file and/or variables.
CDF_CONTROL Obtains or sets information for a Common Data Format file, its variables, and its attributes.
CDF_CREATE Creates a new CDF file with the given filename and dimensions.
CDF_DELETE Deletes the specified CDF file.
CDF_DOC Retrieves general documentation information about a CDF file.
CDF_ENCODE_EPOCH Encodes a CDF_EPOCH variable into a string.
CDF_ENCODE_EPOCH16 Encodes a CDF_EPOCH16 value into the standard date and time character string.
CDF_ENCODE_TT2000 Encodes a single value or an array of CDF_TIME_TT2000 value(s) into the standard date and time character string(s).
CDF_EPOCH Computes or breaks down CDF_EPOCH values in a CDF file.
CDF_EPOCH_COMPARE Compares two epoch (date and time) values.
CDF_EPOCH_DIFF Compares two epoch (date and time) values and returns the difference in milliseconds (default) or microseconds.
CDF_EPOCH_TOJULDAYS Converts CDF epoch values in CDF_EPOCH, CDF_EPOCH16 or CDF_TIME_TT2000 data type to Julian days.
CDF_EPOCH16 Computes or breaks down a CDF_EPOCH16 value in a CDF file.
CDF_ERROR Returns a a short explanation of a given status code returned from a Common Data Format file.
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