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    This function returns a version of the provided image in which
    the digital count value locations have been scrambled a specified
    number of times (numberTransformations) using toral automorphism
    (G. Voyatzis and I. Pitas, Applications of toral automorphism in
    image watermarking, Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Image
    Processing, Volume 2, pp. 237-240, 1996).


    Image Processing.

Calling Sequence

    Result = SCRAMBLE_IMAGE( image, $
                            key, $
                            [PERIOD=period], $
                            [/UNSCRAMBLE] )


      An NxN two-dimensional array containing the image to be
      A secret key used to define the toral automorphism
      transformation matrix.
      The number of toral automorphism transforms to be applied to
      scramble the pixel positions (in the case where the image is
      being unscrambled, this argument should still be defined as the
      original number of transformations used to scramble the image,
      the congugate number with respect to the period of the
      specified toral automorphism due to the provide key will be

Keyword Parametrs

        The period of the toral automorphism defined by the
        supplied secret key.
        Set this keyword to unscramble the scambled image by applying
        the conjugate number of transformations K to the number of
        transfomations used to originally scramble the image N where;
        the period of the toral automorphism T defined by the
        supplied secret key follows the constraint that T = N + K.

Return Value

    Result is a scrambled version of the provided image that has
    undergone a specied number of transformations or a -1 upon
    RETURN, -1
      If the number of transformations requested by the calling routine
      exceeds the period of the toral automorphism defined by the provide
      secret key (key).
    RETURN, -2
      If the provide image is not square.

Side Effects




Modification History

    Written by: Carl Salvaggio
    November, 2007 Original code


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    have made statements about this source code. Any such statements do not
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    whether to use this source code.
    This source code is provided without any express or implied warranties
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