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  Given a 2D array as input, return a copy in which there is a band
  adjacent to the edge with zero gradient normal to the edge

Positional Parameters

  data (input, 2D array)
    The input array, can be any data type

Keyword Parameters

  WIDTH (input, integer scalar)
    The width of the band in which values are changed. Default is 1.
    If WIDTH is less than 1, the result is just a copy of the input.

Return Value

  The function returns an array of the same type and dimensions as
  the input.


  Copy interior values into the band.
  WIDTH (input, integer with one or 4 elements)
    The width of the nudging band: if WIDTH is a scalar or 1-element
    vector, the same value is used on all boundaries. If WIDTH is
    a 4-element vector, the values are applied to the south, east, north
    and west boundaries in turn.

Modification History

  Mark Hadfield, 2006-03:
    Written to replace mgh_moma_top_smoothedge and similar.
  Mark Hadfield, 2013-02:
    WIDTH can now be a 4-element vector, allowing each edge
    to be "banded" individually. The 4 elements are mapped onto
    the south, east, north and west boundaries in turn.
  Mark Hadfield, 2014-06:

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