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ENVI 5.4 Release Notes


Release Notes See the following sections: ENVI 5.4 IDL 8.6 ENVI 5.4 See the following sections: ENVI System Requirements New Features in ENVI Fixed Issues in ENVI ENVI System Requirements Platform Hardware Operating System ... more »

IDL 8.6 Release Notes


IDL 8.6 See the following sections: IDL Supported Platforms New Routines and Features in IDL Backward-Compatibility Issues in IDL Fixed Issues in IDL Known Problems in IDL IDL Supported Platforms Platform Hardware Operating System Supported ... more »

ENVI 5.4: ENVITASK schema change


If you had a task with ENVI 5.3.1 and you try to run it with ENVI 5.4, you encounter the following error message: Error: ENVITASK: Invalid task definition: Task template missing required "schema" attribute The reason this error is occurring is because the schema was changed between ENVI 5.3.1 and ENVI 5.4. To fix this issue, you need to add a ... more »

GSF 2.1 Release Notes


The Geospatial Services Framework (GSF) provides geospatial processing as a web service. It is a component-based system that runs on Node.js(R) and uses a Redis(R) datastore.  Node.js(R) is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js(R) uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and ... more »

How to Rehost Activation Code(s) to a new computer (Activate and Deactivate)


Below are instructions on how to use the Harris License Administrator Tool to Deactivate and then Reactivate license activation codes on a new computer (called "re-hosting"). Note: You can only re-host a license if the licenses are current on maintenance. To open the Harris License Administrator tool described in this section, ... more »

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New Licensing FAQ


This Help article groups the FAQ related to our new Download & Licensing system starting with ... more »

ENVI Pocket Guide Vol. 1 | Basics

An ENVI quick reference booklet that provides users succinct steps on how to accomplish common tasks in ENVI.


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