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      Replace tab characters in a text string with spaces.



Calling Sequence

      result = Expand_Tabs( astring )


      str: A text string containing tab characters.

Keyword Parameters

      SPACECHAR: The 'space' character to be used to expand the
                  tabs. Either text or Byte values may be
                  specified. The default value is the space character
      TABCHAR: A character to expand rather than the tab
                character. Either text or Byte values may be
                specified. The default values are the tab characters
                (9B,11B). The input value may be a one-dimensional
                array of values to use as tab characters. Each
                character will be matched indiviually. No matching
                of substrings longer than one character is possible.
      TABSPACE: The maximum number of 'space' characters to use to
                  expand tabs. The default value is eight (8).


      result: A string with the (specified) tab characters expanded
                up to multiples of the TABSPACE (modulo TABSPACE).

Modification History

  Written by: Edward C. Wiebe, 2001-04-02.

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