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  Project : SOHO - CDS
  Name : DEC2HEX
  Purpose : Convert a non-negative decimal integer to a hex


  Use : IDL> dec2hex,decimal [,hex, nchar=nchar, /quiet,
  Inputs : decimal - non-negative decimal integer, scalar. All
                        blanks are removed.
  Opt. Inputs : None
  Outputs : See below
  Opt. Outputs: hex - the hexadecimal representation of the number.
  Keywords : quiet - if not present, the hex form will be output to
              nchar - number of characters in the output hexadecimal
                      If not supplied, then the hex string will
                      contain no
                      leading zeros.
              upper - converts hex letters to uppercase for output
  Calls : None
  Restrictions: Input can only be non-negative integer number.
  Side effects: None
  Category : Util, numerical
  Prev. Hist. : Written by W. Landsman, November, 1990
  Written : CDS version by C D Pike, RAL, 7-Oct-93
  Modified : Added /upper keyword, CDP, 20-Dec-1993
              Trap negatives, CDP, 19-May-94
  Version : Version 3, 19-May-94

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