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      The MAP_CONTINENTS procedure draws continental boundaries,
  filled continents, political boundaries, coastlines, and/or rivers,
  over an existing map projection established by MAP_SET. Outlines can
  be drawn in low or high-resolution (if the optional high-resolution
  CIA World Map database is installed). If MAP_CONTINENTS is called
  without any keywords, it draws low-resolution, unfilled continent
  MAP_SET must be called before MAP_CONTINENTS to establish the
  projection type, the center of the projection, polar rotation
  and geographic limits.
  Keywords not recognized are passed along in _EXTRA to PLOTS and/or
  POLYFILL depending on options requested.



Calling Sequence




Input Keyword Parameters

  COASTS -- Set this keyword to draw coastlines, islands, and lakes instead of
          the default continent outlines. Note that if you are using the
          low-resolution map database (if the HIRES keyword is not set), many
          islands are drawn even when COASTS is not set. If you are using the
          high-resolution map database (if the HIRES keyword is set),
          no islands are drawn unless COASTS is set.
  COLOR -- The color index of the lines being drawn.
  CONTINENTS: Set this keyword to plot the continental boundaries.
      This is the default.
      Note that if you are using the low-resolution map database
      (if the HIRES keyword is not set), outlines for continents, islands,
      and lakes are drawn when the CONTINENTS keyword is set. If
      you are using the high-resolution map database (if the HIRES keyword
      is set), only continental outlines are drawn when the CONTINENTS
      keyword is set. To draw islands and lakes when using the
      high-resolution map database, use the COASTS keyword.
  COUNTRIES -- Set this keyword to draw political boundaries as of 1993.
  _EXTRA -- Other keywords passed along to PLOTS/POLYFILL depending on
          options selected. Note that command line keywords (like
          MLINETHICK) will take precedence over options specified with
          _EXTRA or their natural names (like THICK).
  FILL_CONTINENTS -- Set this keyword to 1 to fill continent boundaries with
                    a solid color. The color is set by the COLOR keyword.
                    Set this keyword to 2 to fill continent boundaries with a
                    line fill. For line filling, the COLOR, MLINESTYLE,
                    MLINETHICK, ORIENTATION, and SPACING keywords can be used
                    to control the type of line fill. Any option valid for
                    polyfill can also be used (i.e. PATTERN).
  HIRES -- Set this keyword to use high-resolution map data instead of the
          default low-resolution data. This option is only available if you
          have installed the optional high-resolution map datasets. If the
          high-resolution data is not available, a warning is printed and
          the low-resolution data is used instead.
          This keyword can be used in conjunction with the COASTS, COUNTRIES,
          FILL_CONTINENTS, and RIVERS keywords.
  LIMIT: Set this keyword to a four-element vector
        [Lat min, Lon min, Lat max, Lon max ] to only plot continents that
        pass through the LIMIT rectangle.
        The points (Lat min, Lon min ) and (Lat max, Lon max ) are
        the latitudes and longitudes of two points diagonal from each other
        on the region�s boundary.
        The default is to use the limits from the current map projection.
    Note - Line segments for continents which extend outside of the
        LIMIT rectangle will still be plotted.
  MLINESTYLE -- The line style of the boundaries being drawn.
              The default is solid lines.
  MLINETHICK -- The thickness of the boundary or fill lines.
              The default thickness is 1.
  ORIENTATION -- Set this keyword to the counterclockwise angle in degrees
                from horizontal that the line fill should be drawn. The
                default is 0. This keyword only has effect if the
                FILL_CONTINENTS keyword is set to 2.
  RIVERS -- Set this keyword to draw rivers.
  SPACING -- Set this keyword to the spacing, in centimeters, for a line fill.
            This keyword only has effect if the FILL_CONTINENTS keyword is
            set to 2. The default is 0.5 centimeters.
  T3D: Set this keyword to indicate that the generalized transformation
      matrix in !P.T is to be used. If not present, the user-supplied
      coordinates are simply scaled to screen coordinates.
  USA -- Set this keyword to draw borders for each state in the United States
        in addition to continental boundaries.
  ZVALUE: Sets the Z coordinate, in normalized coordinates in the
        range of 0 to 1, at which to output the continents.
      Note - This keyword has effect only if keyword T3D is set and the
        transformation is stored in !P.T

Output Keyword Parameters



      Draws continents, etc. over the current map display.

Common Blocks


Side Effects





      See PURPOSE.


        Draw Low-Resolution continents, with high resolution
        political boundaries.
        This version uses !type=3 and uses the NEW (IDL5) map software.
        requires map_struct_append in map_set.pro

Modification History

        SVP, 11/96 ; Added header template.
        KDM, 05/01 ; Now works with cmagnetic keyword
                      NOTE: magnetic files are in custom dir, not
                      IDL distrobution directory. Hard-wired in code.

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