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      This object is a wrapper for either MAP_CONTINENTS or MAP_GSHHS_SHORELINE.
      It provides a simple way to allow map overlays on images which use a MAPCOORD
      object to set up the map projection space. A map coordinate space must be in
      effect at the time the Draw method of this object is used. Map outlines can be
      provided from built-in IDL continental databases, or the GSHHS Shoreline
      data base can be used. (For information on the GSHHS Shoreline data base, see


      David Fanning, Ph.D.
      1645 Sheely Drive
      Fort Collins, CO 80526 USA
      Phone: 970-221-0438
      E-mail: davidf@dfanning.com
      Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming: http://www.dfanning.com



Calling Sequence

      mapCoord = Obj_New('MapCoord', 111, CENTER_LON=0, CENTER_LAT=90)
      outlineObject = Obj_New('Map_Outline', MAP_OBJECT=mapCoord)
      outlineObject -> Draw
      Obj_Destroy, mapCoord, outlineObject


      parent: The parent object. Optional.
      mapCoordObj: A map coordinate object which can return a map structure for converting coordinates
                      to/from XY coordinates to lon/lat coordinates. Typically, a MAPCOORD object. An
                      alternative way of specifying a map coordinate object is to use the MAP_OBJECT
                      keyword. But don't do both. Note, this object is *not* destroyed when the MAP_OUTLINE
                      object is destroyed. You are responsible for destroying the map coordinate object.
                      A map coordinate object is REQUIRED. So, if you don't specify a parent, use the
                      MAP_OBJECT keyword to pass this object into the program.
      COLOR: The name of a color (used with cgColor) to draw the output in.
      FILL: Set this keyword to create a filled polygon output, rather than an outline.
      HIRES: If this keyword is set, the high resolution dataset supplied with IDL is used
                      with MAP_CONTINENTS. If this keyword is set, and the GSHHS keyword is set, and
                      the FILENAME keyword is NOT used, then the default filename is "gshhs_h.b". Note
                      that the high resolution dataset must be installed to be used.
      MAP_OBJECT: A MAPCOORD object or equivalent which had the ability to provide a map
                      structure with a GetMapStructure method. Don't use this keyword if you have
                      passed a map coordinate object as a positional parameter. This keyword should
                      be used ONLY if you are not specifying a parent parameter.
  MAP_CONTINENTS KEYWORDS (apply only if you are using MAP_CONTINENTS to draw outlines):
        COASTS: Set this keyword if you want coasts to be drawn.
        CONTINENTS: Set this keyword if you want continental outlines to be drawn. This will be
                      set automatically if COASTS, COUNTRIES, RIVERS, AND USA keywords are all set
                      to zero.
        LINESTYLE: Set to the type of linestyle in drawing outlines. Set to 0 or solid lines by default.
        RIVERS: Set this keyword if you wish to draw rivers.
        T3D: Set this graphics keyword if you wish to draw outlines use the T3D transformation matrix.
        USA: Set this keyword if you wish do draw United States state boundaries.
        ZVALUE: Set this keyword to the ZVALUE where the outlines should be drawn. Set to 0 by default.
  MAP_GSHHS_SHORELINE KEYWORDS (apply only if you are using MAP_GSHHS_SHORELINE to draw outlines):
        FILENAME: The root name of the GSHHS file to open. By default, "gshhs_l.b" unless the HIRES
                      keyword is selected, in which case it will be "gshhs_h.b". The GSHHS file must be
                      in a "resource" directory or in one of the directories on your IDL path, or it
                      must be an absolute path to the file.
        GSHHS: Set this keyword to use the GSHHS Shoreline data. The default is to use IDL's
                      built-in database.
        LAND_COLOR: The name of a color to be used for "land". Used with filled polygons
                      (e.g., the FILL keyword). By default, 'INDIAN RED'.
        LEVEL: The polygon LEVEL. All polygons less than or equal to this value
                      are drawn. 1-land, 2-lakes, 3-island in lake, 4-pond in island.
                      By default, 2 (land and lake outlines).
        MINAREA: The minimum feature area. By default, 500 km^2. Polygons with areas less
                      than this are not drawn.
        OUTLINE: Set this keyword to draw shorelines. Set by default if FILL=0.
        WATER_COLOR: The name of the water color. By default, "SKY BLUE".


      The following programs (at least) are required from the Coyote Library:

Modification History

      Written by David W. Fanning, 3 January 2009.
      Fixed a problem in setting MAP_OBJECT in SetProperty method. 12 June 2009. DWF.
      Fixed a problem when drawing filled outlines using IDL's map database when the
          LAND_COLOR is different from the outline COLOR. 30 July 2009. DWF.
      Previous problem introduced another. If LAND_COLOR is undefined, it is now set
          to the same color as COLOR. 10 August 2009. DWF.
      Circular parent references when passed a MAP_OBJECT was fixed, preventing memory
          leakage. 30 August 2009. DWF.
      Removed the MAP_STRUCTURE keyword, which caused MASSIVE problems and added a mapCoordObj
          parameter. 9 November 2009. DWF.
        Made a change that allows the GSHHS filename to be an absolute path to the
          gshhs_*.b file. 4 June 2010. DWF.

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