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      The purpose of this routine is to define a standard NSIDC image object.
      NSIDC image objects are scaled for display into the range of 0 to 249. Other indices
      are allocated as follows:
      255: Missing color.
      254: Out of bounds low color.
      253: Out of bounds high color.
      252: Land mask color.
      251: Motion vector color
      250: Currently unused. Could be used for image overlay colors, etc.


      David W. Fanning, Ph.D
      National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
      NSIDC/CIRES University of Colorado
      Boulder, CO 80309
      E-Mail: fanning@nsidc.org




      theObject = Obj_New("NSIDC_IMAGE")



Class Structure

  class = { NSIDC_IMAGE, $
            annotatePixmap: Obj_New(), $ ; The window used for annotations.
            cb_format: "", $ ; The colorbar format.
            cb_type: ; The type of color bar allowed. 0 (default) normal, 1 discrete, 2 none.
            colorChangeAllowed: 0B, $ ; A flag that indicates this image's colors can be changed by the user.
            colorChangeNColors: 0L, $ ; If colors can be changed, this indicates how many colors can be changed.
            contextmenu: Obj_New(), $ ; The context menu for the image selection events.
            filename: "", $ ; The filename of the image.
            displayName: "" , $ ; The name that should be used on the display.
            fn_color: "", $ ; The name of the filename color.
            landmask_color: "", $ ; The name of the landmask color.
            landmask_value: Ptr_New(), $ ; The value of the landmask in the image.
            grid_color: "", $ ; The name of the map grid color.
            outline_color: "", $ ; The name of the map outline or fill color.
            vector_color: "", $ ; The name of the color for drawing motion vectors on images.
            map_fill: 0B, $ ; A flag that indicates a filled map outline should be drawn on the image.
            map_outline: 0B, $ ; A flag that indicates a map outline should be drawn on the image.
            map_grid: 0B, $ ; A flag that indicates a map grid should be drawn on the image.
            no_name_display:0B, $ ; A flag that indicates the filename should NOT be displayed.
            no_colorbar_display:0B, $ ; A flag that indicates the colorbar should NOT be displayed.
            nsidc_tag: "", $ ; The NSIDC number associated with this image, eg, "nsidc-0032".
            oob_low_color: "", $ ; The name of the out-of-bounds low color.
            oob_high_color: "", $ ; The name of the out-of-bounds high color.



Modification History

      Written by: David W. Fanning, 23 June 2008.
      Added a DISPLAYNAME keyword and modified the program to use the "display name"
          rather than the "filename" in the image DRAW method. I did this to facilitate
          the display of HDF variables as images. 8 January 2009. DWF.
      Added a vector color field and ability to display motion vector overlays. 15 June 2010. DWF.
      Renamed Colorbar procedure to cgColorbar to avoid conflict with IDL 8 Colorbar function.
          26 September 2010. DWF.

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