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  This function both evaluates the IMF at given mass, and returns
  masses drawn at random from the IMF. The functional form of the IMF
  is given by dN/dM ~ M^-alpha, where
    alpha = 0 for 0 < M / Msolar < .07 (Allen et al 2005)
          = 1.05 for .07 < M / Msolar < .5 (Kroupa et al 2002 ASPC..285...86K)
          = 2.35 for .5 < M / Msolar (Ibid)



Calling Sequence

  result = cnb_imf([mass, /noturnover, random = random, muench = muench)


  mass: A set of masses at which to evaluate the IMF. Given in solar
        masses. If provided, the program returns imf(masses) as a
        scalar or vector. This function is not normalized

Keyword Parameters

  NOTURNOVER: If set, treat the full IMF as having alpha = 2.35. This
  cannot be used in conjunction with the RANDOM keyword
  RANDOM: Set this to a number (nstars) to draw nstars from the IMF
  mass distribution. If this keyword is set, then the function
  returns the masses of the nstars drawn from the distribution.
  MUENCH: Use the first three terms of the power law imf given in
          equation 1 of Muench et al. 2002 (ApJ 573)
  MALPHA0: Manually specify the high mass value for alpha.


  If mass is set, it returns a vector of imf(mass). If random is set,
  it returns a vector of masses drawn from the IMF distribution.

Modification History

  April 2009: Written by Chris Beaumont
  May 2009: Added RANDOM keyword. cnb.
  June 2009: Added MUENCH keyword. cnb.

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