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  This function finds a (local) minimum of a function, given three
  points which bracket this minimum. The routine is lifted from the
  routine 'golden' from Numerical Recipes


  Numerical recipes

Calling Sequence

  result = goldenMin(func, xa, xb, xc, [tol = tol, /verbose, _extra =


  func: The string name of a function to minimize. This function must
  be of the form y = f(x). It must return a scalar.
  xa: The first of three points bracketing the minimum
  xb: The second point. f(xb) must be < than both f(xa) and f(xc),
  and must lie between xa and xc
  xc: The final point bracketing the minimum

Keyword Parameters

  tol: The desired fractional precision of the minimum
  coordinate. Defaults to .001 if absent.
  VERBOSE: Print extra information
  _extra: Any extra keywords will be passed to FUNC


  The value x for which f(x) is a mimum in the range [xa, xb].

Modification History

  Written by: Chris Beaumont, Feb 2009
  Added _extra keyword. cnb. June 2009

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